Cooperation partners

Being a project partner is open to all interested companies and institutions such as schools or educational and training establishments.

As a partner you should be motivated and interested in explaining and making a German apprentice or journeyman more aware of your country, its working methods and way of life. The partners themselves, through the trainees, have the opportunity to forge new contacts abroad, promote their own country and become acquainted with working practices.


We are more than happy to assist our partners if they are looking for trainee posts in Schleswig-Holstein.

Skilled Crafts occupations


The skilled crafts sector in Germany includes over 100 occupations in the following areas:

  • Building and interior finishes trades,
  • Electrical and metalworking trades,
  • Woodcrafts and plastic trades,
  • Clothing, textiles and leather crafts and trades,
  • Food crafts and trades,
  • Health and body care trades as well as the chemical and cleaning sector and
  • Graphic design.


The Trade and Crafts code lists all occupations for which a master craftsman's examination is a prerequisite for self employmen (Annex A). So-called 'skilled crafts-like trades' are listed in Annex B2. (download)